2/9/17 4:34 p.m.

Make/Model/Trim Nissan Skyline GTR

Year: 1989

VIN: BNR320001344

Mileage: 63,000 miles

Engine Type: RB26DETT twin turbo

Transmission Type: 5 speed manual

Location: Maryland, DC area

Price: $30,000 OBO. PM me for an email / cell phone number.


  • N1 bottom end

  • Haltech PLatinum Pro tuned using 3bar MAP, IAT, and haltech O2 sensors

  • Full Race Motorsports digital AWD controller

  • DEFI Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature gauges

  • HKS GT2510 x 2

  • HKS EVC 3

  • HKS SSQV BOV and piping

  • HKS and GREDDY polished metal air piping

  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors

  • Twin fuel pumps

  • Mines VX turbo elbows

  • Mines VX downpipes

  • Mines VX Silent Pro

  • Mines VX De-cat

  • Mines VX Stage 1 cams

  • Adjustable cam gears

  • Spitfire Coil Packs

  • NGK iridium racing plugs

  • Greddy suction kit

  • Blitz 5" front mount

  • Greddy Oil Filter relocator

  • Mines oil cooler

  • Aeromotive fuel pump

  • Greddy radiator

  • Nismo low temp thermostat

  • OS Giken twin plate

  • Mines ESTA suspension

  • Cusco suspension sway bars front & back

  • Adjustable caster arms

  • Hicas removal kit

  • Project MU brake lines

  • R34 GTR Brembo brakes

  • Greddy bodykit

  • Ganador mirrors

  • HKS Kansai strut brace

  • Mines rear strut brace

Included Parts:

  • 1 set original side mirrors (the original from this car with matching paint)

  • 1 set tail lights and covers (painted in white, kept as spares)

  • Original ECU with MINE's tune

  • 2 Z32 MAF sensors

  • Original recirculating BOVs


  • Clutch starting to slip in high gears on highway if you really get on it

  • Car was tuned to 24psi previously, but currently tuned to 20psi. I just didn't want to push the older clutch too hard. Car is fully capable of 24 or more PSI once clutch replaced. A weekend at a good shop would have the clutch sorted and ready for high boost again.

Why am I selling?: The military just keep me too busy, and I don't get the time to enjoy her. I'd rather sell her to someone else than let her sit in my garage on the battery tender. I bought this car while stationed overseas in the UK. I've owned the GTR for almost three years now, and have loved driving her. This car is an amazing thing to own, but I just can't justify it right now with how little I can drive it. Shoot, even as I type this I am hundreds of miles from home and the car is stationary in the garage.











akylekoz Reader
2/10/17 5:21 a.m.

That is fantastic, and makes me sad...that I'm poor.

USAF_GTR New Reader
2/10/17 5:06 p.m.
akylekoz wrote: That is fantastic, and makes me sad...that I'm poor.

There's a market for kidneys that pays fairly well...

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