wvumtnbkr HalfDork
6/19/13 4:07 p.m.

Good Day!

I am thinking about selling my 1987 RX7 TII conversion.

The car was an auto GXL (this means it has the 3.9 LSD NA rearend) <-- not desirable.

The trans and engine came out of an 1987 TII that was parted out. I used the NA wirening harness from a non- automatic non-turbo car. I reloomed it and put some new connectors on.

I made my own trans brace (it turned out really well!).

The car runs well, and is inspected in PA.

The bad: The hood is black and the rest of the car is a maroon color. The car has decent paint for its age (appears to be original). No rust underneath. Some scratches and dings. Interior is in okay shape. All of the parts are there and work (except for sometimes the sunroof). There are some crappy springs on the front of the car that make it ride too low. Some stock springs would fix that right up (I have them.) Finally, the mechanical fan causes a vibration at higher rpm. I took it off to verify that it was the fan. it is.

Let me know if ther is any interest. The car was done properly and has some newer parts on it.

Because it is a swap, I have no idea what it is worth.

I just don't drive it anymore, so it might be time to get rid of it.


Rob R. wvumtnbkr at hotmail.com

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