BTD New Reader
10/21/15 11:51 p.m.

Title says most of it. Taught the girlfriend stick on the G20 we bought and she liked the rallycross so much and I liked the SR20 engine so much that I'd love to find a fun little coupe to replace the G20 with as a more "fun" toy.

Things I need: - Minimal/zero rust - Solid runner - No 5th gear popout - No major body repairs needed

Nice to haves: - No sunroof - Located somewhere near Colorado - Less than 200k Miles

Dont give a crap about: - Paint condition - Interior condition (within reason)

Anyone know of something that would work? $2800 is right at the top of what I would like to spend, ideally I'd like to be closer to $2k if possible. Willing to fly and drive pretty much anywhere for the right car.

I could potentially be talked into other interesting cars. CRX/Civic hatch, Celicas/Supras (RWD especially), etc. Weird 90's import goodness that will fit a taller gentleman.

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