3/12/19 8:54 a.m.

Hello, grassrooters! *Fireworks exploding*

 I will cut to the chase and simply introduce products we are fabricating for motorsport lovers, so today I give you Turbo Systems turbochargers. Producing motorsport and upgrade turbos we offer high performance for a reasonable price.  Trusted by some of the best European drifters like Andrius Vasiliauskas, Adam Zalewski, Benediktas Čirba and others we can proudly say - results just cannot disappoint. 

 HTX Motorsport turbochargers feature dual ceramic ball bearings (special design not found in other turbochargers) and light, but durable billet compressor wheels which we produce ourselves. Turbocharger can be picked according to the desired power range. Of course if you cannot find what you are looking for our customer support will always try to help you with custom solutions. 

 Of course not everything is about racing cars. Sometimes it's more about 2 tons Audi RS6 doing 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds, right? Upgrade turbochargers will be the perfect solution. We offer various turbocharger upgrades from enlarged impeller replacement to full turbocharger upgrade including ball bearing cartridge fitting.

 Last, but not least, we manufacture Billet compressor wheels. Various sizes for standard and upgrade turbochargers are always in stock, but custom impellers can be fabricated on demand. 

 Make sure to contact me paulius@turbosystems.lt about any  product question or price and have a nice day!


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