AClockworkGarage HalfDork
9/30/17 1:50 a.m.

Anyone else miss 4?

failboat UberDork
10/4/17 8:26 a.m.

4 is the last one I got.  Been a few years since I plugged in the xbox, but I recently scored a free Microsoft Racing wheel, now I have 2 of those in addition to my Fanatec. 

I forsee some head to head battles with my brothers at some point, Getting my kid set up and learning how to race and drift, etc....

ahutson03 Reader
10/12/17 8:30 p.m.

Anybody else have 7 yet? I am enjoying it and think it's a decent step up from 6.

barrowcadbury Reader
10/18/17 5:56 p.m.

I've been playing Forza 7 (on Xbox) since the 9/29 release.  I've logged 603 miles to date.  So far, it's been a mixed bag for me.  


- Graphics are stunning

- Physics feel great

- Option to adjust length of races in career mode



- No more class-based Rivals events

- Lots of little bugs (display, tuning, glitches, etc.)

- Homologation is a neat idea, but limits gameplay options

- Less overall "freedom" to grab a car, upgrade it, and run it in a class


I think if they add the class-based rivals hoppers, it will add back a lot of value for me (that's where I spent 80% of my time in previous Forzas). Current;y, I'm just working my way through career mode hoping they add proper rivals back in. Otherwise, I'm not sure how much value I'll get out of the game past career mode.

ahutson03 Reader
10/20/17 1:08 p.m.

I haven't spent much time in rivals in past games so I can't really speak on that. I do think that the career mode has been so focused that I haven't really gotten bored enough to do the old, tune an old quirky car to punch above its weight class. I also think that there were some dubious choices made in cars that are excluded, they got rid of the wonderful collection of 80's and 90's toyotas. Those were always favorites of mine. All in all, I think this game is ripe for updates and dlc's.

Flyin Mikey J
Flyin Mikey J HalfDork
12/14/17 2:12 a.m.

The Toyotas are absent because of Toyota... something along the line of "we are against people modifying our production cars for racing purposes. Last time I ever buy a Toyota product... actually I've only owned one, for a very short time, and ditched it after the engine committed suicide on my way to work.

EthanTrammell New Reader
1/3/18 11:04 p.m.

4 was the best. But the recent 7 has some or I can say many issues. Issues with PC and even with Xbox. Gaming is going tough with both the equipments. There was even a problem that the game saved was being deleted due some instruction error. Recently I got to hear that these issues have been resolved. Devs are on talking terms with the Xbox people to resolve the deletion problem as well. I along with my friends have been reading all news regarding the game for extra resources. We are desperate to play the game in full fledge.

TheRX7Project Reader
3/14/18 12:14 p.m.

I scooped up 7 this past weekend for XBOne and have been getting some seat (controller?) time in. I skipped 6, but had 3-5 as well as Horizon and Horizon 2. I used to run a racing league on 3-4 called the CAM Challenge (before SCCA stole my name!) exclusive to muscle cars.

I am enjoying it so far, I wish there were some lower class hoppers online (D, E, F) as that is what I enjoy racing. I guess C will have to do.

I'm not having MANY bug issues but I have experienced a few times where the game has "frozen" and I had to restart.

I'm trying to drive exclusively in-car and with as few assists as I can manage (braking line only, no ABS/TCS, normal steering) and I am putting down OK lap times, but as usual I get tangled up with people. I've won and podiumed a couple times already anyway.

I want to buy the Totino's car pack... but I promised myself I wouldn't buy any DLC this time. Plus, the lack of D-E-F hoppers negates the reasons I want it.

racerfink UltraDork
3/20/18 12:34 a.m.

Rivals mode is what has put FM in a death spiral.  People used to race online, but that went away with Rivals mode.  I absolutely hate rivals mode.  Usually, I just take the very first clean flying lap I get, because it’s such a waste of a game mode.  Glad they seem to be killing it off finally.


League events are where I spend most of my time these days.  You win weekly prizes just for competing, a FE car or a suit, and there’s a FE car at the end if the month as well.  First race of the day nets you $20k, first podium of the day, $50k.  Leveling up in the league gets you $100k.  And you still get your regular prizes for your driver levels and races. 

TheRX7Project Reader
3/20/18 1:17 p.m.

I'll have to check that out. It would be good to race something different, and not see the same cars over and over again dominating the lobby because it's a ringer for that class.

AClockworkGarage HalfDork
3/21/18 12:49 p.m.

I'm still peeved that there is no AI in private multiplayer lobbies. I don't want to play with a bunch of random people online, if I wanted to interact with a buch of random people I wouldn't be at home in my underwear playing video games, would I?

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