dean1484 MegaDork
1/23/18 7:18 a.m.

So I am in the lucky position to have a really wide range of options for screens available to me for gaming. They include

Panasonic 65 inch plasma tv. Made on 2014. At the time it was the best rated on the market. It has extremely good color and a very crisp picture

NEC 4000 lumin projector. Professional grade unit. Don’t know much more about it. 

32 inch NEC extremely high end graphics monitor usd for video editing. Don’t know much more about it

40 inch Sony TV. This is what I have been using for a while now. Works well. 

Samsung 24 inch monitor. Again I have used this some and it works well. 

Non of these are 4K all are what I would call standard resolution.

My gaming system currently is ps3 and ps4. 

What i have found is that the size of the screens really does not matter as much as I thought. For instance I use the 40 inch tv most of the time. It sits on a cabinet that is about 24 inches tall. So the height is perfect when playing driving  games. My head is probably 6 or 7 feet from the screen. This distance I have found to be perfect as you are not looking around the screen. And since most games don’t really have any type of peripheral vision provisions being any closer actual makes it harder to play due to having to look around the screen to see things. 

I also use the smaller monitor. When I use this I put a coffee table over the peddles of my driving rig so the monitor is about in vertical alignment with my knees. Again due to not wanting to have to look around the screen this seems to work extremely well. I almost like this way of playing better. 

I have not used any of the other monitors for gaming but I hope to test them in the coming months. I was curious what other people use and what works and what does not. 

ProDarwin PowerDork
1/23/18 7:51 a.m.

PC gamer here.  I have used a bunch of different screens.  I agree that size does not matter that much.

1)  Ultrawide is awesome.  

2)  Latency is very important.  Many TVs have very high latency, sometimes around 100ms.  This is enough to ruin any action game.  Modern computer monitors are all <10ms.

aircooled MegaDork
1/23/18 11:50 a.m.

Plasma should be out.  Low refresh and (low) potential for burn in (it takes a while, but it does happen).  Projector is likely darker and less crisp then you would like.  If its a high grade projector, the bulb won't last that long and a replacement will be very expensive.  Ultra wide monitor will be of no use on a PS4, for a computer, certainly a consideration.

Of all the ones you list, I would lean towards the 32 inch NEC.  Not 4k, but I don't know if you can notice much of a difference on a PS4 or for computer gaming. It would also greatly reduce your video card demands on a PC.  Since it's a high end monitor, it should have great color reproduction (not that that matters much to gaming) and be plenty bright, which is one of the big differences between lower and higher end monitors.



boaty mcfailface
boaty mcfailface UberDork
1/23/18 1:46 p.m.

I am primarily playing PC now. I am running a LG 34" 720p led tv as the main monitor.

Honestly I am running most things just at 720p because it works well with the tv, and therefore the pc is also not even breaking a sweat with all graphical options to the max.  Although I just noticed the other day Fallout 4 was set to run at 1080, but I am not having any issues with that on that screen. Primarily this is playing in a sim rig, or in a recliner next to my desk, I am sitting further back from the screen, so larger text, icons, mouse cursor, are all things I want for my setup. 

From a sim rig perspective, I would love an ultrawide curved screen, but cant justify the cost.  720p tvs are probably dirt cheap right now. 

This also translates well enough, running a steam link box hooked up to the 65" led 4k tv on our middle level. Streaming my games from the computer hooked up in the basement. I think this method things aren't quite as crisp as playing right on the computer, but its good enough sitting 20'+ away from the screen and kicked back on the couch. 

We do also have a 60" plasma thats several years old, I still think the picture on that is fantastic. I had no issues using it for gaming with console or PC.  I thought they had way higher refresh rates than everything else???

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