minimac Dork
2/4/09 1:38 p.m.

Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending this year. I'm planning on going Wed-Sun with Mrs. Mini. First week in June, beautiful Lake George area, upstate N.Y.

914Driver Dork
2/5/09 10:13 a.m.

I go every other year or so. Cops last year stopped EVERY bike as it came off the ramp into the Village checking them for "safety violations".

Any time you get a group of people together there's going to be one or two nitwits that wheelie down main street or do burnouts right into traffic; regardless of the tourism dollar brought in, cops are getting nit picky to everyone.

If you've never been to the area try to sign up for one of the guided tours, they last an hour or so but take yo on some great rides through the Adirondacks.

Minimac, PM me if you plan on going.


Jamesc2123 New Reader
2/5/09 9:26 p.m.

This looks cool. I have a friend in Queensbury I can stay with, who just bought his first bike too. Minimac, keep me posted on this, maybe we can ride together from Oswego?

minimac Dork
2/7/09 7:04 a.m.

Right now the tentative plans are for myself and Mrs Mini to head up. There's a chance I may have to go to the Pac North West for work in May and might not be back in time. As things get closer and I can firm up work plans, I 'll let you guys know. There's a couple of ladies I work with that ride and they are thinking of going also. One's in Pittsburgh(Sportster) and the other is in Iowa(Kaw Eliminator). They're interested in a tour around the finger lakes also.

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