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Xceler8x Dork
5/1/09 9:10 a.m.
RexSeven wrote: My buddy has a blue '02 GSX-R 600cc he's namd Sephira. It's his baby. I rode bitch on it once, and hol-ee E36 M3! that thing goes from 0-warp speed in no time. He used to work at a motorcycle dealership and he says that's about the fastest bike he can handle without killing himself. He only drives it occasionally because, as he says, she wants to go much faster than she's allowed to.

..and that's a 600. Dang. Technology is a good thing.

Timeormoney New Reader
5/18/09 8:49 p.m.

One of our riders had the 1000cc gixxer on daytona, basically a showroom stock class. He spun the rear wheel all through the banking. It was an amazing bike back in 2001, I cannot imagine what it does now.

andrave Reader
5/19/09 8:46 a.m.

I've owned two gsxr 750's... a guy in my old motorcycle club used to bitch about suzukis, saying "the 1k's rod bearings go bad, their oiling system isn't up to snuff." I asked him at what mileage this would occur and he said "30k 0r 40k"

we all laughed.

1k's just don't live that long before being wrapped around a pole.

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