Nick (Bo) Comstock
Nick (Bo) Comstock MegaDork
9/10/17 10:15 p.m.

No, it's not a new bike. It's an action camera. I've been wanting one for a long time mainly for the off chance that if something happens and I'm unable to speak for myself I'll have a witness. Now I just have to not be an ass on camera wink

It was a beautiful weekend here and I had to try it out so let me know what  you think. I've never messed with video editing before so don't expect too much.

The camera is an Activeon CX Gold. My wife was able to get a hell of a deal through Kohl's and picked it up for around $45. Certainly not bad for that price.

m4ff3w UberDork
9/11/17 4:32 p.m.

Nice!  Good quality.

Huckleberry MegaDork
9/11/17 5:22 p.m.

That is more than decent for $45

How long does the battery last? Is it small and easy to operate with gloves on?


Nick (Bo) Comstock
Nick (Bo) Comstock MegaDork
9/11/17 6:34 p.m.

In reply to Huckleberry :

Battery lasts for around two hours. I've heard in the cold it can be as little as ten minutes, we'll see. It comes with an 8 gig memory card. Comes with a waterproof housing which was on in the video. In the housing it's only two buttons to operate and it's easy enough to do with my gloves. It's the same size as a GoPro. Uses standard GoPro mounts. It has a 2" LCD touchscreen on the back or you can navigate all the menus with just the two buttons on top. Shoots in 1080P @ 60fps. It'll also do 720P @ 120fps for slowmo. It'll do time laps videos and has a 16 mega pixel photo mode. 


wlkelley3 UltraDork
9/11/17 9:41 p.m.

Wow. Going to have to look into one of these. My GoPro died this year, even a new battery didn't help. Not thrilled with the cost of GoPro for what I use it for. This looks to be about what I'm looking for.


Nick (Bo) Comstock
Nick (Bo) Comstock MegaDork
9/11/17 10:03 p.m.

If I'm not mistaken it's normally $69 at Kohl's but the wife had some kind of reward thing. She got two of them. One for me and one for my son. 

Most of the reviews I've watched for them on YouTube they've paid over $100 for it. Id say even at $70 it'd be a good buy.

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