joey48442 PowerDork
9/11/18 9:26 p.m.

I just picked up a little Honda spree, a 1985. I’m wondering about upgrades. I know getting more speed out of them is kind of a pain, and that’s not really my end goal anyway, I wanted something to carry behind the camper for running around the campground or to the party store and such. But, a little more damping in the rear would be nice!  The stock rear shock feels like it’s shot, if it ever was gas charged in the first place. Are better tires worth it?  Any “must do” mods or anything?  The kid I bought it from replaced the cylinder and piston with stock sized stuff. Maybe a big bore kit is in my future, but more for acceleration than top end, 26mph on those little wheels is enough for me lol!  Believe it or not it actually carries my wife and I fine! I don’t have much suspension travel after that though. Any advice is appreciated!

44Dwarf UberDork
9/12/18 8:57 p.m.

Step one. Build nice camp fire.

Step two. remove the exhaust pipe.

Step three. Place pipe on hot coals of step one. turn it like a kabob as needed to gain maximum smoke.

Step four. Cook until done.

Step five. when cool shake out debris from pipe and wipe with Acetone and paint.

Step six. When dry cook on paint in BBq grill for 10 min on med heat allow to cool.

Step seven.  Install pipe.


You'll be surprised how well a good clean pipe works.


Thing to do for more power.  Better pipe, raise the exhaust port a bit in the middle its likley a flat sided oval make it more D shaped.  Tire yes good tires are a must.


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