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Trans_Maro Reader
2/22/09 8:40 p.m.
PHeller wrote: Oh, and if you ever ridden a Lefty, you'd know to trust it. So many people say "aren't you worried of breaking it" until they throw it off 5' drops to flat. I'm a big dude at 210lbs, and I'm not easy on the Lefty at all. It runs strong. My only gripe with it is lack of adjustment. If it had the Motion Control and U-Turn that my Pike did...I would've never bought the Pike.

I've always run Marzocchi forks, right from my first pair of XC500's back in '93. I still have them and they still work You can still get seals for them too!

I'm a heavy guy (265lbs) and I've got a set of '00 Z3 Flylight 100's on my hardtail at the moment and they take everything I can throw at them.

My '93 Univega Carbolite is packing a set of NOS 1993 Answer ProForx LT's. 3 inches of undamped coil/elastomer fun. They were actually the first coil/elastomer combination units. Then they bought Manitou.

The ProForx will be going on my Trek 9000 as soon as it arrives and the Univega will be back to full ridgid as my "weight weenie" bike.

I loves me the carbon fibre!!!


4cylndrfury Reader
2/25/09 12:45 p.m.

My Bike wall Which consists of my Pride and Joy...premium products frame, T1 handlebars, BFR Rims on no name sealed hubs, titanium profiles spindle and DJ arms, FSA Euro Bottom Bracket, Diamond Back Laser cut pedals with sealed roller bearings, and S&M ditchforks:

And my latest addition , the all columbus steel, cromo Bianchi...a work in progress, but I always wanted a classy steel roadie with down tube shifters, and when this one became available for 50 smackers, I had to have it... gotta love having a good friend/ex boss who owns a bicycle shop who doesnt mind keeping an eye out for ya. A little bar tape, a new seat and some elbow grease later, she runs like a champ!!!Future mods include new wheels, a double/10 speed setup versus triple/7speed. I know I will have to stretch the rear end a bit, but thats the beauty of steel road bikes right???

The other bike is my MOL's Trek hybrid, which I tuned up over this winter for her, and not pictured is my wifes "Schwinn" (Target version, not the real thing) moutnain bike which is downstairs on the trainer for a little off season workout duty.

Man am I glad I live less than 2 miles from both a public skatepark and a rails to trails path, plus some very fun backroad riding in the area. Now if only all this friggin cold weather would just go away....

4cylndrfury Reader
2/25/09 12:47 p.m.

^^oh yeah, almost forgot...the last bike in that pic is an old Bridgestone Mtn bike I got for 40 bucks at a garage sale They wouldnt sell the whole garage to me...what a rip off )...good shape, but needs new rear deraileur and shifter...toss in some decent off the shelf wheels and a 80mm fork, and we are in business...

3/11/09 1:39 a.m.
ignorant wrote: 2001 Schwinn moab 2 Xt rear lx front avid brakes.. judy shox.. old school but light as hell. wifes bike she bought it because it was purple and had sparkles on it Both for sale cheap :-(

Are you still selling your schwinn? What is the size of this bike? thank

donalson SuperDork
4/13/09 12:53 p.m.

added another to the collection.... bought it to use as an inexpensive commuter to work... to nervous to park my good bikes on the rack... so this fits the bill and is a nice piece of history

picked this 1988 GT avalanche I found on CL... 1st year GT released the triple triangle frame

sorry for all the pics :)

pics from the guy on CL...

described as having... Scott~wrap around mountain bars Odyessey~stem with 3:1 ratio brake cable cam Blackburn~rear rack Diore II XT rims Diore II crank, brakes and levers Undersized forward smaller crank for speed and oversized forward larger crank wheel for climbing After market freewheel cog on rear wheel reduced tooth on small cog (speed) and oversized tooth on large cog (climbing) I am sure it will need new rubber though.....although I have a different tire up front

some more pics after I picked it up... only thing I did was

biopace cranks :)

setup in commuter mode with origin8 space bar, lights and a rack...

also swapped out the wheelset for an LX/mavic wheelset i had laying around from an old '95 bike... installed 8spd cassette and grip shift also... and obviuosly new cables and tires it's ugly but rides pretty well

zipty842 New Reader
4/13/09 9:50 p.m.

Tidalforce. was originally an electric bike frame. Battery and motor were the hubs.

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