pinchvalve SuperDork
2/18/09 2:30 p.m.

If you were in the Northeast last week, you may remember the mini-monsoon that swepth through on Wednesday. It was Sunny and warm all day so I got the bike out. I knew it wouldnt last, but one quick run out for dinner wouldnt hurt right? Forgot to check the weather, would have seen the massive storm front coming! Anyway, it starts to rain after dinner, so we head home. It intensifies and the wind picks up quickly. We consider pulling over, but we are 10min from the house and I dont want to be stuck out all night if the storm is a big one. So we press on. (My wife is on the back) We ride through unheard of winds, massive rain coming at us sideways, stinging our faces. We have no rain gear because it was such a quick trip, so we are drenched and freezing. We get home, and the rain stops. Yep, just a 10 minute storm. With winds to 90mph. Many people were without power and roofs! Next time, I wait a half hour to see how serious Mother Nature is.

Grtechguy SuperDork
2/18/09 2:50 p.m.

well that sucks.... but at least you got to go for a ride.

Opus HalfDork
2/18/09 11:59 p.m.

did the same thing the week I got married. I was working in Rancho Mirage (120 miles from home in Huntington beach) and commuting back and forth to keep the future wife from going insane. The day of our reherasal dinner, weather was great all day, except for the flash flood conditions that poped up in the early afternoon (Like they always did in late summer) Watched the clouds form over the pass and knew I was in for a fun trip home on my CBR. As I went past the wind farm on I10 it started to rain. 1 mile in, I was driving through water 3" deep on the freeway being passed by semi's that made a wake as they went by. Lasted about 15 miles. Once through, stopped to regain controll of my bodily functions and headed home. An hour later through 100 degrees heat (still summer), I was dry when I hit Huntington Beach. I would not recommend that to anyone.

Glad you made it home OK.

mistanfo Dork
2/19/09 8:58 a.m.

Riding in the rain, what separates a rider from a poser.

Not saying that there are bikes that, if I were to own one, I wouldn't ride in the rain, but you have to own at least one bike that can be ridden in the rain.

benzbaron Reader
2/19/09 3:37 p.m.

I was leaving my grandmas a few months ago which is about 180miles away, about 100miles from home, bam, the rain hits. Well it isn't too bad and I have to do it regardless of what I want. About 30miles after it starts raining it pours like a SOB. My visor steams up and I open it, now I have rain on my glasses and can barely see. I had to pull off the road, ring myself out and go on. As long as water doesn't get in the visor you'll be able to see fine. I finished the drive pretty much soaked and tired for the last part of the journey.

Opus HalfDork
2/20/09 12:00 a.m.

rain x is your friend. Never tried Fox X, but it might work.

stumpmj Dork
2/23/09 9:09 a.m.

I was riding home after graduating from college (Michigan Tech) in May. My mom had come up and taken my acr and my stuff home. I stayed a few more days to sight see in Keewanau before heading out. The day I headed home was gorgeous. Sunny, 60 deg so I head on out. As I'm riding the wind starts to pickup. As I pass areas open to Lake Superior, the wind would be so strong I'd have to lean over to around 45 deg to keep in my lane. And it started getting cold. Ever 100 miles or so, I'd stop to add aonther layer.

I kept going. I made it past the Seeney Stretch when it got dark. A few minutes later, the rain started. Then the lightning. It was a full blown thunderstorm. To keep warm, I alternated hands reaching down and holding onto the cylinder head. By the time I made it to I 75, it had changed from rain to sleet and the wind hadn't let up at all. I stopped in St Ignace for two reasons. One, I had a buddy that lived in Makinac City and I figured I'd crash at his place and two, my bike had picked up a wicked miss and I couldn't sustain speeds over 60 mph anymore. Did I mention I still had to cross the Mackinac bridge?

So I confirmed that I had a bed waiting for me and I headed out. I crossed the bridge, in the dark, with the sleet/thunderstorm dumping precipitation on me riding a motorcycle across steel grating blasted by winds a couple of hundred feet above the water. I made it.

The next day, we found that the coils on the bike were cracked and water intrusion was making the bike miss. We packed them in dialectric grease and I set off the rest of the home (Holland, MI). 45 minutes out of Mackinac city, the rain started again. But hey, it wasn't snowing so I kept going. The high that day was 35. I cruised down 131 and getting near GR I had someone repeatadly try and run me off the road for trying to pass him on the right (he was left lane cruising at 10 under the limit) but my bike wasn't missing too badly (I could make 80 before it ran out of juice) so I was able to leave him behind eventually.

Anyway, good times.

walterj HalfDork
2/23/09 9:58 a.m.

Riding in the rain is a requirement. Riding in the snow is what weeds out the poseurs :)

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