petey New Reader
3/3/17 11:43 p.m.

hi. so I came across a box of stuff when a customer dropped off their old contained a complete 034 EFI control system.a standalone it seems pretty similar to megasquirt,simple,and apparently according to anecdotals it can run an LS with 8 injectors/coils,boost etc etc and let you tweak every aspect of looking to build my 77 MGB in the next year or so,and already have a truck 5.3 LS,and now buddy doesn't even want his EFI kit,sooooo..... anybody used this system?any info on it as to function,problems etc? any info whatsoever would be welcomed

Knurled MegaDork
3/4/17 6:21 a.m.

The system's main website is That is where the main userbase is and where the engineers who built/maintain the system are.

034 EFI gets its name from the 034 parts prefix that VWAG put on most of the 5 cylinder Audi engines.

porschenut Reader
3/22/17 1:48 p.m.

Depends on the version, you need to check. But in general, no it is a pain to use. Couple of things. It only sequential fires four plugs. Depending on version timing adjustment is retard only. Not friendly with USB connections. So old it prefers a serial port PC No self tuning capability. Very sensitive to ground connections. But yes it will work. Used it on a 5 cylinder turbo audi and aside from the timing curve being a total pain it worked pretty well. But you have to check which version, as some are crank fire, some are fuel only, etc.

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