SeanP None
3/27/14 12:01 p.m.

I recently purchased a 62 Sunbeam Alpine and I’m trying to improve the braking system. It had a rotisserie resto about 8 years ago and has about 30,000 miles since then so all components are in working order.

Here are some current car mods Front suspension from series 4-5 Alpine Cologne V6 bored 30 over , Cam Heads have been done, custom headers. T5 mustang 5 speed Ford Maverick (1976-78) narrowed 8” rear end 3.7 gear ratio Estimate is 200hp with a curb weight of around 2200lbs

Unfortunately the original owner did not put as much work into the brakes. He deleted the brake booster system and is running the system mechanically off the stock MC. It has disc front and drums rear with a pinion mounted e-brake.

I’m looking at eventually doing Wildwood front and rear but right now I would just like to possibly use a different MC to improve the performance. Wilwood has a Tiger front disc kit that should work for the Alpine and they also have a Girling replacement MC part#260-6087 (5/8” bore). They also offer the same MC with a 0.70, 0.75”, and 13/16” bore. What would be the best size for a mechanical set up? Could this MC eventually handle rear Wilwood disc?

Does anyone know of a rear Disc kit for the Ford 8” rearend? I'm running 15” panasports so clearance should not be an issue.

As far as I know I would not need a proportioning valve but if anyone here can offer advice on putting together a system to slow this baby down it would be appreciated.


twopointwo New Reader
5/2/14 6:47 p.m.

Is this a track only car? Or do you drive it on the street as well?

If it's a weekend warrior or street driven, you may want to consider a proportioning valve.

Building a brake system from scratch requires a fair amount of math to accomplish what you want safely/properly.

Stoptech's white pages are a great resource to start with. Learn all you can, I'm sure it will help with some of your questions.

A different MC won't necessarily improve braking as much as it would simply change pedal travel. Re-installing the stock vacuum booster may be the quickest/easiest/best solution in this case, combined with some proper brake pads.

Series6 Reader
5/8/14 5:54 p.m.

I've called Wilwood and been transferred to their tech people. They have a Sunbeam kit and are familiar with the car. They may be able to offer suggestions.

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