9/7/16 10:20 a.m.

Hi Guys,

New to the forum here. I've been looking into doing my own set up recently and have a few questions regarding the measurement of caster. See reference article below:

  1. Based on this article, am I correct to understand that the turn angle is based on the actual toe angle and not the steering angle. In other words if I start with toe out on my RF wheel, then my right turn would technically be more than left turn in order to achieve symmetry?
  2. Figure 2 in the article also showed dynamic camber being affected by caster, can anyone explain how?

Also, when my car is on hub stands, do you guys have any general suggestion on avoiding suspension binding? I know the design of the hub stand are supposed to accommodate that, but would I not introduce binding when I first jack up the car and put it onto the hub stands?

Thanks, Jonathan

iceracer PowerDork
10/21/16 11:27 a.m.

Difference in toe angle is controlled by the Ackerman. In other words the steering angle will always be different. With inside wheel having the greater angle. Ackerman is dynamic toe out. Toe setting has no effect on the Ackerman. Ackerman is controlled by the angle of the steering arms and linkage.

Caster causes dynamic camber because the steering axis is at an angle.

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