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5/12/17 12:04 a.m.

My 2011 Mini Cooper S needs some suspension stuff right now. 80 to 150 miles a day since July, 12,000 total. Most of it was on back roads, some in the snow, a lot with temperatures in the teens. My suspension is not doing well. In fact, I developed a toe out issue at some point in the past few weeks, and blew through a almost new set of Michelin Pilot AS3+ front tires in a few hundred miles. Weird thing is, the car felt fine. Inside edges of the front are to the cord.

I took one side apart and it seems like the strut (with the spring off) is way too easy to move in and out. I don't have any reference to what a new Mini strut feels like, but the Fox 2.0 shocks on my Jeep (like 3 times the size) are not compressible with arm strength. Sportbike shocks, with no spring on them, are very hard to push in. So, I think the strut is worn out. It did feel a little bouncy lately, but I also drive a lifted Jeep, so the mini feels tight on it's worst day.

One ball joint has maybe .010 play in it, the steering stuff all feels okay, no play or anything. I had about 2 hours to mess with it and then had to catch a plane out of town. I'm back next week and will figure it out.

But, since I'm taking stuff apart, I want to make some improvements, maybe.

I no longer have to drive 80 miles or more a day after a "you can't fire me 'cause I quit" meeting at headquarters a couple weeks ago. Awesome, no more 70 hour weeks and no days off. More time to play with cars.

Since I don't have to drive my commuter car as a commuter car anymore, and I am keeping it. I am going to finally fulfill my need to compete in some sort of amateur racing events. I am thinking autocross, a couple track days, and a TSD rally.

Nothing I have is stock, not even my wifes Jeep Commander Real Estate selling car. The Mini shall not remain stock.

I keep reading about BC coilovers, most like the brand. Supposedly they make several other brands and BC is their house brand. But, they are only about $1000 for all 4, $1300 with springs from a company called Swift.

Damn, this is all TLDR, isn't it?

Why wouldn't I want to do coil overs with compression and rebound adjustment, camber adjustment, and height and spring sag adjustment? I have scales for weighing Helicopters, so I will be able to set the corner weights myself.

Dogote New Reader
5/12/17 12:05 a.m.

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