AwesomeAuto New Reader
12/6/17 7:42 a.m.

I've made my own flow tester just to show that this works. Basically, you take whatever injectors you have now, or whatever injectors you find at a junkyard, and remove the pintle caps, or the spray pattern caps, to give unrestricted flow. Most of the caps are welded or pressed on. They have small holes in them to determine spray pattern and flow. Removing them leave an exposed pintle.


In the video, I took LS truck injectors from a 4.8/5.3. These are EVERYWHERE in junkyards, and you will find them 8 at a time. You can buy the entire truck intakes for $25-40 complete with rails and injectors locally, since most people using these engines for swaps want a car intake. Since there were millions of truck intakes produced, nobody wants them.


I take the smallest of the bunch, the 22 lb/hr injectors, and cut off the pintle caps. I then reflow them. Flow went from 22 lbs/hr to 75 lbs/hr. A 240% increase!

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