bigdaddylee82 HalfDork
3/14/14 4:12 p.m.

Any vehicle RockAuto carries parts for anyway. I can't take credit, I learned this else where.

You may get occasionally emails from RockAuto with a link to their RSS of closeout/sale parts for a vehicle you've bought parts for in the past.

For me it's usually: www.rockauto com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1433979&m=wc&l=en&html=true
(I removed the dot after rockauto, to keep the forum from truncating the link)

That link is closeout parts for a 1995 2.4l Volvo 850 GLT, the part of the URL that says "carcode=1433979" is specifying the Volvo 850 I usually by parts for.

To find closeout parts for another car simply replace the 1433979 with RockAuto's carcode for whatever make/model you're actually shopping for.

To get your car code, simply click on the "Traditional HTML Catalog" link on the bottom left of RockAuto's home page, and search for your car.

For example another car I need parts for is my 1997 Jeep Wrangler 2.5l. When using the Traditional HTML Catalog I find all the parts listed for my specific model of Jeep at:
rockauto com/catalog/x,carcode,1185296

There's that carcode again. For my jeep it's 1185296.

Now replacing the Volvo carcode of 1433979 in the RSS link above with the Jeep carcode of 1185296 will get me the closeout parts available from RockAuto for my Jeep.

Frugal car part shopping awaits.

  • Lee
CLH Reader
3/15/14 10:41 a.m.

Great tip, thanks!

crankwalk HalfDork
3/24/14 4:49 p.m.

Thanks for making that easy! I usually just browse every section.

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