ultraclyde SuperDork
11/5/13 3:17 p.m.

When fishing small dropped fasteners out of iffy places like intake manifolds, carbs or cylinders, use an adapter to neck down your shop vac's suction hose to a small clear plastic flex tube. Bonus points if duct tape is involved. somewhere in the hose or adapter stack, use a leg from an old pair of panty hose or a knee sock as a filter to catch the part before it goes into the vac. It works best if you leave some length up to the toe section inside the hose to create a filter catch bag.

I did this to get all the ceramic bits out of the cylinger on my 4.6L Ford after extracting broken spark plugs. Catching all the bits let me reassemble the insulator so I could verify I got all the pieces out before starting the engine.

cdowd Reader
11/7/13 1:19 p.m.

great tip. thanks

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