trigun7469 SuperDork
9/18/17 2:30 p.m.

The car is a E30 that runs in crapcan racing, so I have to have a slider for other drivers. Currently I have Sparco sliding mounts, which seem to be the standard in crapcan racing. Problem is that these mounts make the seat too high where my head is hitting against the roll cage. We have mocked up a couple of seats and even drilled holes to move it over, but I just sit way to high. I am not abnormally tall at 6'2" but I have short legs and a long torso. Anybody have suggestions? It just sucks having to duck in my seat for 2 hours.

boxedfox New Reader
9/18/17 3:27 p.m.

Are you using a side mounted seat, and are the sliders bolted directly to the floor or to a bracket?

I had a similar problem in my car with my seat being too tall (even without sliders). I ended up finding a set of side mount brackets for Bride seats, which were a good 1.5" lower than anything else I could find and bolting them to the stock seat mounting points using a slightly modified Wedge Racing seat bracket. The seat bottom touches the floor but I fit.

Stefan MegaDork
9/18/17 4:06 p.m.

Mount the seat on the floor in the proper location for the tallest driver.

Make bolsters or spacers from poor-able foam and wrap in fabric for the shorter drivers.

Use surgical tubing on the shoulder straps to lift them up and out of the way to help make driver changes easier/faster.

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