Dogote New Reader
1/22/17 11:37 a.m.

Hello all,

I'm new here. I search and didn't find what I was looking for. I am wondering what people are using to measure and set camber, toes, and sometimes castor. I recently just installed a pre-runner long arm kit on my Jeep. It required cutting off all the control arm mounts and welding in new ones. I was able to get it straight enough to drive with out traction control warnings lighting up on the first try, and after a couple measuring sessions got it straight enough the the alignment shop made no further adjustments. Proud of myself for that one.

Now I am messing with my Mini Cooper S. I think I need to step up to some better and quicker methods of aligning it than I have used on what is essentially a tractor of 35" tires that never sees anything over 75 on pavement.

I have seen some camber set up's with extenders for toe to give a consistent measuring point. Any brand stand out as better than others? I'd rather find one that either uses one of my several digital angle gauges, or can be adapted to one.

Anyone make up any homemade solutions? I can make stuff, I just have not used one of these. All I have ever done is put an angle gauge on a brake rotor, or drive shaft flange to set what I need to set. For toe, I use string, chalk, a long piece of square stock, a tape measure, and something (usually cardboard) between the tire and the floor some I can turn the wheel without too much grip from the tires.

Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner MegaDork
1/22/17 12:13 p.m.

First off, I want to know more about long travel kits for Jeeps :) I thought that was an IFS thing.

Toe is easy. Get or make a set of toe plates. They're nothing more than a pair of pieces of metal or stiff wood with slots in the lower edge. Put one on each wheel, run some tape measures across and you're good.

Camber is also easy. A piece of square stock with two bolts through it so they make contact with the lip of the wheel. Now use your angle gauge on the steel. This girl apparently used angle iron in her YouTube video. She also has a video on how to install slip-on wheel spacers, so you know she's a pro. The only thing you need to watch for is that you hold the bar completely vertically on the wheel, not leaning forward or backward.

Dogote New Reader
1/22/17 3:31 p.m.

Well then, I'll just do that then. Not far off from what I have been doing.

Long travel suspension, sort of. I installed this

The video shows stock compared to what I installed. I have about 11 inches of travel and the bump stops prevent any hard bottoming.

clshore New Reader
1/23/17 3:46 p.m.

Virtually any smartphone can be used to measure angles to better than 0.1 degree accuracy.
I use iHandyLevel on my iPhone, but there are plenty of others out there.
Calibration is simple and quick.
Cut a straight piece of metal or oak to fit against the wheel rims.
That gives you camber, and caster if you are clever.
Toe is easy with a couple of pushpins and a steel tape measure.

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