1. walterj

    (71 votes) #1: Huckleberry wrote in My first how-to thread: Shot in the leg?

    yamaha wrote: HOLY CRAP.......the advertisement before the video showed dolphin/woman love.........the end is nigh
    Dear yamaha: You have been identified as having certain marine-biased proclivities based on your browsing history and search terms. Nice going fish berkeleyer. --the googles
  2. MarjorieSuddard

    (50 votes) #2: Marjorie Suddard wrote in Forum Rules: Welcome to the Party

    Hi, and welcome to our Off Topic forum. We invite conversation on a variety of topics here, but with the following caveats. Please note that failure to adhere to these rules will result in expulsion from the forum--not because we like being dicks, but because we want to establish and ...
  3. nicksta43

    (64 votes) #3: Nick (LUCAS) Comstock wrote in What's up with that? (+1 content)

    Every once in a while I'll try to click the little +1 button under a post and the little button just goes to a smaller 0 and won't +1 the post. It's happened a couple times recently. What's up with that?
  4. JoeG

    (50 votes) #4: Joe Gearin wrote in Question about magazine adds

    One of the reasons you will find ads placed within articles is because they are more effective when run next to editorial content. You noticed the ads didn't you? When we sell advertising space, we want to make sure the client buying that space has the ...
  5. Toyman01

    (47 votes) #5: Toyman01 wrote in Well, SHMBO was right.

    Let me preface this by saying, I love my wife, but technical she isn't. When we married, she barely knew how to put gas in a car, much less how to open the hood or know why it quit. Over the last 30 years, she's picked up a few things, ...
  6. captdownshift

    (43 votes) #6: captdownshift wrote in hi everybody

    made it home on Wednesday after sucking the hospital WiFi bandwidth dry via my phone once I holding it on my chest wasn't incredibly painful. I awoke to a pretty spectacular surprise Tuesday and a new friend for life. They found that the tumor on ...
  7. walterj

    (37 votes) #7: Giant Purple Snorklewacker wrote in New girlfriend hates the Miata and refuses to ride in it.

    Why is she still your girlfriend?
  8. Lesley

    (36 votes) #8: Lesley wrote in Can't Comprehend the Attitude

    I had an MX-5 for a track day last summer. On the way to the track, a guy in a black Genesis coupe rode my ass and then finally flew by me and 3 others doing about a buck-fifty. Sure enough, I get to the track and he's there. I ...
  9. Toyman01

    (35 votes) #9: Toyman01 wrote in Ever take the bait and regret opening your mouth?

    99.999% of the people in this world have no interest in learning anything that doesn't fit into their world view. The other .001% are on here.
  10. irish44j

    (34 votes) #10: irish44j wrote in You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile

    And you may ask yourself How do I drive without a third pedal? And you may ask yourself What is that thing sticking out of the steering column? And you may tell yourself This is not an e30 or Miata! And you may ask yourself Am I right?...Am I wrong? ...
  11. Kia_racer

    (33 votes) #11: Kia_Racer wrote in Bigfoot: Real or Hoopla?

  12. Rufledt

    (33 votes) #12: Rufledt wrote in Berkeley! I accidentally won a supercharger on eBay today...

    Well, looks like you have to supercharge something now. Them's the rules.
  13. Mazdax605

    (32 votes) #13: Mazdax605 wrote in Common handling myths.

    If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it...
  14. Chris_V

    (32 votes) #14: Chris_V wrote in Runaway Blimp!

    Fled Zeppelin
  15. walterj

    (32 votes) #15: G. P. Snorklewacker wrote in What happens with street based racecars now?

    It seems like the US government is willing to try any and all technology EXCEPT better driver training to keep the highways safe.
  16. walterj

    (32 votes) #16: Giant Purple Snorklewacker wrote in some words of helpful warning from my paramedic friend. (after the fact)

    Angry cripples be gettin' the shaft, yo.
  17. walterj

    (31 votes) #17: Giant Purple Snorklewacker wrote in when did you know that it was time to file?

    when did you know that it was time to file?
    When I couldn't get the grinder in the hole to remove the burrs.
  18. travellering

    (30 votes) #18: travellering wrote in Another neighbor thread (brief and with walk of shame)

    Did you try your luck and yell out "Hey Amy"?
  19. Rusty_Rabbit84

    (30 votes) #19: DukeOfUndersteer wrote in Received an AWESOME Job Offer!!

    Received an email from SPEEDSOURCE this morning, asking for me to call them for a "fly-in" position. Call them up, ask about prior experience and what knowledge I have. Conversation progresses to "we need the vent guy on our 2-car FACTORY LMP2 Team!!!" E36 M3 I will do this!! Doing ...
  20. DrBoost

    (30 votes) #20: DrBoost wrote in What my wife thinks about you...

    I was talking to my wife about how I post here when I need info on something. Every time, without exception, I get real, valuable information from folks here. I recently posted a question about my VW on a VW forum and got nothing. Then I post here and get ...
  21. JoeG

    (29 votes) #21: Joe Gearin wrote in What the heck do you get the girl that has everything?

    What to get the girl who has everything??
  22. RossD

    (29 votes) #22: RossD wrote in How freakin awesome is this board?

    Having done nothing at all, you're welcome.
  23. AngryCorvair

    (29 votes) #23: AngryCorvair wrote in Minor Confession Thread

    i have "organic" neighbors. i told them that spreading whole wheat flour on their lawn would take care of their dandelions. two days after they followed my instructions, i sprayed all their dandelions with roundup.
  24. wayslow

    (28 votes) #24: Wayslow wrote in I kicked cancer's butt

    for now anyway. I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor, in my small intestine, back in February and had it removed. I met with my Oncologist today and it's been determined that I don't need any further treatment. I'll be seeing him every six months for awhile and getting regular ...
  25. Will

    (28 votes) #25: Will wrote in Taking "Dude" Negatively

    You can use Dooder, or El Dudearino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
  26. jpasterjak

    (28 votes) #26: JG Pasterjak wrote in Remember that Ram Promaster City I bought?

    Yes, I think it's high time I go down there with my pants off and demand satisfaction. Gloves. I meant gloves. I think that was an autocorrect.
  27. yupididit

    (28 votes) #27: yupididit wrote in Ford truck tears apart a Chevy Truck.......

    This is what the Confederate Flag means to me.
  28. Trans_Maro

    (28 votes) #28: Trans_Maro wrote in Must not be many federal employees here?

    There's federal employees on here. They don't post on the weekends so that they will have something to do at work.
  29. aussiesmg

    (27 votes) #29: aussiesmg wrote in I'm crazy! I just bought a car 300 miles away sight unseen...

    I do that as a hobby
  30. Dusterbd13

    (27 votes) #30: Dusterbd13 wrote in GoFundMe for car projects?

    Start an orphanage? Sure. Fund research? Sure. Fufill a dying mans dream? Yup. Buy a skyline because you want one and can't afford it? berkeley no.
  31. Wally

    (27 votes) #31: Wally wrote in Wife is mad....

    dean1484 wrote: Let her pick the next project???
    Tried that once. She picked a bathroom.
  32. Lesley

    (27 votes) #32: Lesley wrote in when did you know that it was time to file?

    When you'd rather talk about it to us than your partner...
  33. GameboyRMH

    (27 votes) #33: GameboyRMH wrote in New Question Inspired by Booth Babes-Leggings as Pants?

    As a young guy I'm probably too biased to give a fair answer
  34. poopshovel

    (27 votes) #34: poopshovel wrote in Classic Motorsports Shelby, you should be ashamed

    Actually, I think the saying goes "It's my car and my magazine, and I'll do whatever the berkeley I want with both." What's with all the "Hey, thanks for inviting me to your party. I'm going to take a nice hearty E36 M3 in the middle of your living room" ...
  35. Chadeux

    (26 votes) #35: Chadeux wrote in Build a 10 sec car

    Isuzu Hombre, because I want to see "One Fast Hombre, powered by Ellis Juan"
  36. Spoolpigeon

    (26 votes) #36: Spoolpigeon wrote in What's with the "Mustangs hitting stuff" meme that's all over facebook?

    At the autocross this week there was a new mustang that showed up. On his first run he put it in the rev limiter, dumped the clutch, grabbed second gear before crossing the start timing lights, and looped the car about 50 feet into the course. The guy announcing said ...
  37. SyntheticBlinkerFluid

    (28 votes) #37: SyntheticBlinkerFluid wrote in The Bus Thread. 1956 Ford B-600. General questions.

    It only felt appropriate.
  38. GameboyRMH

    (26 votes) #38: GameboyRMH wrote in Came home from vacation and there is a BMW on jack stands in my driveway

    A man comes home from vacation and finds a mysterious car in his driveway. He doesn't know how it got there, or that it will take him for a road trip... ....into the Twilight Zone.
  39. Scott_H

    (26 votes) #39: Scott_H wrote in Why I hate the average H.D. Owner #398

    I used to work with a HD rider. He was the stereotypical one that compensated for his inadequacies at every availability. He had a HD calendar on the wall of his cubicle at work. He was really offended when I poured a cup of oil dry under the calendar on ...
  40. MarjorieSuddard

    (26 votes) #40: Marjorie Suddard wrote in Proud Mama

    Some of you may have noticed that Tim picked up a "new" car at Carlisle for Katie to take to college, a 2001 e46 BMW for $4000. Car's extra-clean, has good a/c, a radio, and doesn't rain inside, all new and exotic delights for Katie, who has been making do ...
  41. Woody

    (26 votes) #41: Woody wrote in How freakin awesome is this board?

    And, again, thank *you* for hosting this forum.
  42. Tom_Spangler

    (25 votes) #42: Tom_Spangler wrote in Car Payment Stupid Nation

    Ah, cool. Another "debt is for idiots" thread. Haven't had one of those in a while.
  43. logdog

    (25 votes) #43: logdog wrote in how come there isn't a post your ugly mug.

    Here is my mug.
  44. 93celicaGT2

    (25 votes) #44: Swank Force One wrote in So my bookkeeper comes to work stinking of weed....

    If you own the company and she's still performing as needed, then that's squarely your call. If it were my company, i wouldn't care, but i may make a comment about her needed to spray something before she comes in so nobody else has to smell it. If i found ...
  45. captdownshift

    (24 votes) #45: captdownshift wrote in brutal week

    Without getting into the bleakness, do me a favor and enjoy your favorite beverage of choice this weekend, spend time with love ones and enjoy a favorite meal or traveling to a favorite spot. Do things that you enjoy surrounded by the people whom you love. We're here for a ...
  46. nocones

    (24 votes) #46: nocones wrote in Ramp Truck Journey: Day 5

  47. Duke

    (24 votes) #47: Duke wrote in Can we please stop hotlinking pics?

  48. captdownshift

    (24 votes) #48: captdownshift wrote in 2 simple request of members of the board (non-behavior related)

    without turning this into a holy-Berkeley moment I ask very seriously for 2 incredibly simple things from everyone on the board, and your families and you'll all benefit from doing them in the long run. #1 See you doctor or medical care provider for regular check ups and screenings. Be ...
  49. Keith

    (24 votes) #49: Keith Tanner wrote in Idea for new forum ranking system

    One of the forums I moderate on has a feature called "Coventry". It's evil genius - when someone is sent to Coventry, only they can see their own posts. Nobody else see them. You don't even need to tell the victim. They can troll all they want, but nobody ever ...
  50. fritzsch

    (24 votes) #50: fritzsch wrote in Real talk: Paging Dr Hess? Anti-anxiety meds.

    If only there was a non addictive natural drug that reduces anxiety, and is known to make people want to eat and sleep.

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