GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
1/28/19 1:13 p.m.

Some background on the Don Hulse Memorial Cruis.  Don Hulse was a loved and valuable member of Georgia Fieros.  Don battled various cancers from the mid 90's and as one form would be conquered, another would raise it's ugly head.  Eventually, he succumbed to cancer which metastasized into numerous parts of his body.  Our 2018 charity was also ACS, in part in honor of Don, but also in honor of a number of other members who have departed due to cancer.  


The 2019 Don Hulse Memorial Cruise is scheduled for April 13, 2019.  

The Starting Point is The North Georgia Racing Museum and Dawsonville, Ga. City Hall at approximately 9 AM.  

We will wander up and down the Hills and through the Foothills of North Georgia, drive up to Brasstown Bald if you like, or stop outside Helen and see the celebrated White Bat, and most of all, just have a good day together.  Though this is a cruise, there are ample roads for you to exercise your suspension if you desire.

This isn't a cruise intended exclusively for Fieros.  Everyone is welcome.  Invite your friends to come along.  There are no entry fees, but Donations for our 2019 Charity, The American Cancer Society would be greatly appreciated.  

Our final destination will be The Smith House in Dahlonega.  All you can eat Country Cookin'.  When the platter is empty, they'll bring more, so there's no need to fight over that last biscuit or chicken leg.  Seating is at old style long tables, so lots of folks to jibber-jabber with, as long as you remember to not talk with your mouth full.  

Now, you've all been given ample time to get this on your schedule.  No excuses.  

Questions can be directed to GeorgiaFieroClub@Gmail.Com   Subject:  Don Hulse Memorial Cruise

GTXVette SuperDork
3/14/19 9:01 a.m.

This will be A great Day To Run the Hills  Smith House Is Legondary

GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
3/21/19 9:04 a.m.

Hey, John, want to join us.  I'll let you drive.

This is a cruise to raise money for The American Cancer Society and to bring car enthusiasts together for a common cause.

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