tb Dork
8/30/18 1:37 p.m.

Anyone here planning on heading out to this event? It is coming up on Sept. 15th and is very close to me at Mile High Stadium. I'm pretty new to the area but I know at least one vendor who will be there and am always down to meet more car people.


I'm planning on hitting the autocross early while I send my wife to vendor row for bargain shopping. Depending on how I am feeling I might walk around and check out the car show or I might plant my ass in the shade and enjoy the ambiance...


I've got a mild tune and all season tires mounted on the family wagon but just because it has a car seat installed does not mean that I have to be nice to that lovely little turbo boxer!

sleepyhead Mod Squad
2/27/19 7:09 a.m.

zombie thread, canoe deleted

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