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pheo New Reader
11/30/17 8:00 p.m.

 That crazy speedo splice is scary, did it hold up?cheeky

One of your pics showed a curve next x miles sign and it was up hill, after your comment about 4 and 5th being worthless I wondered what gear you were in.

I had planned to camp on the west side of Salt Lake City coming east this summer, that worked out well (not). Did you camp, hotel, or split it up?

This is a great thread, please do finish it out.


@ClemSparks, yeah, I wish I had seen it earlier too.

BrokenYugo MegaDork
11/30/17 11:44 p.m.

Speedo splice blew once coming down the other side of Loveland Pass, a chunk of vacuum line was cut from a longer one in the only remaining circuit on the engine (cold fast idle works, in case anybody is wondering how the engine is killed with no vacuum, that's a secret) and it's still running that piece AFAIK. 

On levelish ground 5th turned out to be the best gear (4th got way worse mileage),  on the steep climbs at the higher altitudes (5000+)  you'd more often than not be buzzing it in 3rd at ~45mph, adequate for keeping up with the semis.

We just slept in the car, much better on the way back when the backseat wasn't full of wheels we were delivering out there.

Also should be mentioned that it's currently for sale

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