classicJackets Reader
8/2/16 4:35 p.m.

In 2 days (August 4th), my SO, a good friend of ours, and I will be heading out on a 16-ish day trip. From Atlanta, we're driving out to the Badlands. We have a few days planned of camping there at Sage Creek with some day hikes. We'll spend one day doing Evan's Plunge and Wind Caves and then we'll head out for Yellowstone. Our only Reserved night of camping is at Yellowstone is August 8th.

We have 2 days planned in Yellowstone to do touristy things and a few day hikes. Then we'll head to the Grand Tetons where we hope to get permits to do a String Lake loop where we'll get to go through Hurricane Pass. Should be a 30 miler over 3 days.

Finishing up there we'll head out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Luckily for me it's Speed Week 2016 from the 13th-19th and we'll likely be there the day of the 15th. While we'll only be there for a day i'm still excited to see what it entails!. From there we'll head on to Zion National Park for a few nights. Then, we'll stop for a guided tour of Antelope Canyon on our way to the Grand Canyon. A night and day there and we'll head out. The way home we'll hit Carlsbad Cavern and then continue straight on through to Atlanta.

I'll be trying to update this off and on with pictures as we're traveling but it might not get loaded up with pictures until after!

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