Jerry UltraDork
10/27/17 7:09 a.m.


Finally made it to an event.  And if this is how they run them, I won't be at another.  "Tech" was fill out this card with name and address, sign the bottom, ok have fun...

In almost 2 hours I got one whole run.  Lined up in a staging lane and we sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Hey, time to move up, maybe it's tinme to race and & I'll get two at least.  SWMBO heads to the stands and then we sat.  And sat.  They kept sending the pro guys while us regular street plebs collected dust.  They announced they were closing the lanes at 8pm and we hadn't even moved, guess it's one run after all.

I was thankful I got to try it once at the Challenge and my team gave me tips and pointers, how the staging lights work, avoid the water box, etc.  Because no one was at the line to tell me a thing.

But, it was still fun.  She got some photos, a friend got this one at the start.  I got to meet the guy I ran against, a '67 Barracuda that he bought new in '67 and just recently restored.  Some kids behind me in a Focus and a tC were fun to talk to, got to see their run while I waited at the end.  Speaking of which, I followed the 'Cuda and turned out he stopped at a scale.  At least I got to see a weight of 2706# including a 180ish driver.

Bogged the turbo at the start but still made 15.7 at 85.2mph, actually more MPH than the 'Cuda but lost by half second.  I wish I could have made 1-2 more runs to get the launch right.  Oh well.  I enjoyed the run and maybe I should frame my time slip after spending $25 for that run. laugh

dculberson PowerDork
10/27/17 9:16 a.m.

Jesus that's pretty awful. What track??

Jerry UltraDork
10/27/17 10:02 a.m.

In reply to dculberson :

Kil-Kare in Xenia OH. I'd love to try again but not if that's the norm.

Streetwiseguy UltimaDork
11/18/17 8:29 p.m.

Go tell the track manager, or the event promoter.  When he talks about the regulars deserving more laps, ask him how he expects to get more regulars, because you won't be back.

A test and tune event should have some careful staging lane management to avoid this very situation. You paid the same dough everybody else does.


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