Jerry UltraDork
9/6/16 6:53 a.m.

The autocross was fun, parade lap and 3 consecutive runs, very short, very turn-y. My best was a 27.7 and my friend beat me by half a second, but we seemed to be in line with the other FWD cars anyway. Two Caterhams tore that course up. I finally got to walk around the road course and see more of it (first two times I was there I had not), that grass hill by China Beach is a great viewpoint.

Saw another Abarth and talked to him in his garage for awhile, another guy asked me about mine after just buying one the day before. (I gave him a hat I won at the Dragon event in April)

Then I got to sit in this Ferrari 458 race car. My friend had been drooling over it all day, I finally asked the owner if he could sit in it if I paid him $5. The owner (super cool laid back rich guy drinking a beer) said "haha go ahead, jump in". There was a cartoon smoke trail where my friend used to be. I took a dozen photos, then decided WTH I'll jump in. Cool friendly rich car guys are the best rich car guys.

But the best part was just hanging out with friends:

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