GTXVette SuperDork
5/24/18 2:20 p.m.

The FIERO club here is active and alive . follow along for the ride around the deals gap area(aka Dragon) every year we sponsor a "Run Through The Hills"  We Start  in N. Ga. and head to the mountains. Tenn. N. and S. Carolinas. We Hunt out the BEST roads to drive our cars so they are the best Curvey roads to drive, this year will be the 23rd . I have a few members that have Photos and videos of the just completed Scouting Run and lots of Past Pics. it will take a day or so to get them up as members are able but should be enjoyable and worth the wait. heck it's been ongoing for 23 years the Mag has been here for 20 so another Day should be Easy.  and Remember All are welcome when we run.

GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
5/25/18 7:57 p.m.

The Georgia Fiero Club would like to invite sports car owners to join us on September 14, 15, and 16 for the 23rd Annual running of Run For The Hills.  We will be basing in Franklin, NC this year.  

I have laid out a course which takes us through 215 miles of North Carolina and Tennessee mountains, over popular roadways like The Cherohala Skyway and The Tail of The Dragon, as well as some obscure but equally exciting back roads. 

We arrange group hotel rates, lunch and dinner restaurants, so we will need to know if you plan to attend.  September is a busy month for hotels, so the earlier you commit, the better chance I have of blocking out enough rooms at 1 hotel or arranging a spill-over hotel.  There is no entry fee, but we do accept voluntary donations for our chosen charity.  This year it's The American Cancer Society.  

A brief outline of the event.  We arrive at our chosen hotel on Friday afternoon to kick tires and tell lies and do our final inspections of our vehicles and to get all fluids topped up and ready to go on Saturday morning.  Registration forms and route sheets are handed out as you arrive.  GPS address are included on the route sheet for those who don't have a navigator. 

We usually depart around 9AM Saturday morning for a very spirited day in the mountains, stopping at a pre-determined restaurant for lunch, then continuing for the remainder of the run.  

On Saturday evening, we enjoy a sit-down dinner with the whole group to reminisce and try to get the smiles off our faces before retiring to rest up for the drive back home on Sunday morning.  

We have had all makes of vehicles join us.  Mini's, Corvettes, Lotus, Lexus sedans, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Kia Sportage, Ferrari's, Toyota Solaras, and Cadillac DeVille sedans, to name a few.  We've done runs with the Solstice and Skye club, also.

Below is a small sampling of the event.  Videos used with permission of Georgia Fieros member CowsPatoot.


Video filmed from my 87 Pontiac Fiero.


To contact Georgia Fieros, email us at:


GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
6/10/18 10:04 p.m.

Some of us will be doing a trial and documentation run on June 30.  Anyone is welcome to join us to see what Run For The Hills is about.  Come out and enjoy the day with us. 

MadScientistMatt PowerDork
6/13/18 1:17 p.m.

Uh-oh, now you have me checking Craigslist for Fieros. Maybe I can convince my wife it's a way to save gas if I have one to commute with...

FieroSarge New Reader
6/16/18 9:19 a.m.

I have been on the (pre) - pre scouting run and it was a blast, unfortunately  I can't make the June 30th pre run.  But I promise I'll be there in September looking to meet old friends and make new ones as we enjoy the fantastic roads and tell stories over dinner. Plus I can feel great about supporting the American Cancer Society. 

GTXVette SuperDork
6/17/18 7:54 a.m.
MadScientistMatt said:

Uh-oh, now you have me checking Craigslist for Fieros. Maybe I can convince my wife it's a way to save gas if I have one tocommute with...

look at gafiero .org . you can get one for 500.00 by in, Taking into account you won't leave it alone

GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
6/17/18 8:02 p.m.

Georgia Fieros does have an 88 Formula V6 with upgraded bored and stroked engine and 5-speed Getrag transmission for sale.  Contact us through our email at   We also have a Formula with a 3800 NA Buick engine, but it's not ready for release, yet.


Official Event Tshirt Design.

It's coming up soon.  We will be starting and returning to Franklin, North Carolina.  Gathering at our hotel on Friday, September 14 to check over our cars and get everything topped off for the run on Saturday Morning, September 15.  Hotel accommodations aren't finalized, yet but the information will be posted here as soon as they are.  Working with MicroTel Inn for group rates.

We will be traveling the High Roads (more than 5000 ft. elevation) and the back roads of North Carolina and Tennessee.  Some of the best driving roads in this part of the country. 

We have scheduled a lunch stop along the way, as well as fuel and restroom stops.  At the end of the day, back in Franklin, we have scheduled a nice sit-down dinner for the group.  Each person will be responsible for their own meal. 

There is no entry fee and all sports cars are welcome or if your minivan handles like a sports car, bring the family along.  We will be accepting voluntary donations of raffle items and also donations to our 2018 charity, The American Cancer Society. 

Event Tshirts are available in the Club merchandise section at the left side of our website at   The shirts are preshrunk 100% cotton and are available in sizes from Adult Small thru Adult 3 XLarge.  The printing is done with a dye, so you can't feel the print and it doesn't have that big sweaty spot like some of the rubber inks have. 

Visit here often to keep up with updated details.  You are also welcome to join us on the scouting/documentation run on the 30th.  It's just a 1 day thing.  Meet Saturday morning, make the trip and be home in the evening.  Only lunch is involved that day. 



GTXVette SuperDork
6/18/18 5:13 p.m.

Wow, for this 'Hood' 5000 ft. is up their,  Ball Ground is 1,101 feet, and this is gettin' hilly, so 3/4 mile higher makes for some super Views and actual climate changes, Sun on one side and rainy/fog on the other, COOL ya'll come on UP!!! 

GTXVette SuperDork
6/18/18 5:19 p.m.

oh yea you should see the War Woman/Rattler T's from last year Awesome.

GeorgiaFieroClub New Reader
6/19/18 12:58 p.m.


Our Hotel for Run For The Hill #23 is the MicroTel Inn, 81 Allman Road, Franklin, NC.

Rates for single or double queen rooms is $90.20 per night or $180.40 for the two nights we will be there. September 14 and 15.  This includes all applicable taxes.

There is no cutoff date for reservations.  Because we do not know how many will attend, we did not block out rooms.  A credit card is needed for that, and any unbooked rooms must be paid for by Georgia Fieros. If you wait until the last minute to try to make reservations, there may not be rooms available.  Other hotels in the area are Hampton Inn and Comfort Inn, but their rates are a bit higher, especially during that time of the year.

To get the group rates, call 1-828-349-9000
Tell them you are with the Georgia Fiero Club group.  

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