chiodos Dork
7/26/16 8:02 p.m.

So this is a placard until i start getting photos going. This is a one way trip ive been planning and working towards for 6 years so its a long time coming. Im leaving my home state of Mississippi for the Pacific Northwest! Beaverton Oregon to be exact. Im not going with my original half stupid plan of using an old ass volvo to carry all of our E36 M3 out there but instead using a pensky truck to haul the old ass volvo and our E36 M3! I know a brand new pensky truck isnt nearly as exciting as making an offering to the grm gods and pressing our luck with the 1988 240 but considering all of our possessions are in tow including a crap ton of tools, i think its the best bet.

By this time tomorrow night we SHOULD be in Wichita Kansas. Just tomorrow im going through two states ive never been to and thats just the first day! We (swmbo, and two golden retrievers) are super excited. Oh i left out the best part, there will be two fur babies tagging along in the truck cab, we will see how they like the 11hr ride tomorrow and the remaining 25 hrs.

Scooter Dork
8/1/16 8:57 p.m.

Did you make it?

chiodos Dork
8/4/16 11:48 p.m.

In reply to Scooter:

Lol I did and ive been slacking really hard and on updating this. I actually came here to delete the thread because im lazy but instead i suppose ill upload a crap load of photos and update this thing like I promised

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