MGguy87 New Reader
10/9/17 3:17 a.m.

Hi all,

I'm kinda new to this but I thought I'd put out my plans and see if I couldn't get some help in the mean time.

I'm planning a cross country trip from Seattle, WA to Richmond, VA and I'm going about this slightly differently. I'm currently in Korea looking at getting back towards the end of Oct. Obviously this brings up some challenges. One being that I'm currently carless and looking for a nice-ish ride to drive my happy little but back to the east coast, stopping at a couple of a National Parks along the way and interesting sights.  Its all in the journey. 

I found one car that is interesting to me on a personal level ( ) mainly because I have found memories of my Dad's MG B (to include it catching fire with me in the drivers seat and him selling right before I turned old enough to drive. Smooth Dad, Real smooth.) 

As much as I'd like to have the Lord of Darkness with me on this trip I was hoping for a little advice with the Datsun mainly because I feel the car will be slightly more reliable (relative term) then British Engineering and maybe someone that has some knowledge into Datsun's to go tire kick it for me and to possibly recommend a good shop to get it prepped for the trip.

Any tips, tricks, or ridicule is appreciated.




Jay_W Dork
2/18/18 10:49 a.m.

Well heck I didn't catch this post til way too late. Didja buy it?

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