2014 Chrysler Town & Country S new car reviews

Chrysler's veteran people-carrier continues on with the traditional minivan tasks: picking up the kids, getting the groceries and so on. While the S model adds some zip with a 283 hp V6, it maintains all the features needed in a minivan. The newest model is a desirable combination of flexibility and practicality.

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David S. Wallens David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

Drive a minivan!? In public? Are you high? Okay, really, we're fans of the lowly minivan.

For one, they carry a lot of crap. A lot of it. And a lot of people, too. And their crap.

They also drive like cars. They're like tall, boring sedans with lots of cargo space.

Today's minivans aren't slugs, either. The T&C delivers 283 horsepower. Back in the day, my Porsche 911 was hot stuff for making an even 200. I bet the T&C is faster to 60. We didn't run numbers, though, because the truth would have made me cry, and it's already been a rough month.

The Town & Country has always been Chrysler's high-end minivan, so a lot of the niceties are going to be standard: leather interior, Stow 'n Go seating, power lift gate, etc. Like you, I used to poo-poo the power lift gate. And then one day I approached the van with full hands. A click of the fob immediately cured all my ills. That, folks, is why America rules.

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