2016 BMW 650i new car reviews

The BMW 6 Series is one of BMW's most exclusive lines. It's their extreme blend of performance and luxurious styling. We were handed the keys to the new 650i Convertible, which hosts a 4.4-liter V8 under the hood and allows open-air driving. The combination of power and comfort looks like an ideal grand tourer on paper, but how is it in real life?

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Tim Suddard Tim Suddard

As much as I love BMWs, I have never really been a 6 Series guy, usually eschewing the sexy styling of the coupe, for the more practical and less expensive 5 Series cars.

That said, a guy could get used to the new 650i convertible.

We recently racked up a lot of miles on this car. We used it to organize and pre-drive our 2016 Orange Blossom Tour.

The 650i is fast, comfortable and fairly economical, if you don’t drive it hard. The top goes up and down in a matter of seconds and in the up position, turns the car into a virtual coupe, with no wind noise or any other negative attributes common in convertibles.

This car truly has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. In comfort mode, the car is a true world-class cruiser, eating up miles easily at any pace, including twice the posted speed limit. Yes, we have some fast, fast roads planned for next year’s Orange Blossom Tour.

In the Sport + setting, the mild mannered cruiser turns into a monster with a snarling exhaust and an 8-speed automatic that holds revs like a race car when you down shift with the paddle shifters.

The transformation is uncanny. The car seems to want to be taken to a race track the minute you flip that switch.

Ergonomics are good, unless you get crammed into the back seat. The styling is much nicer than earlier 6-Series BMWs and the quality of materials, both inside and outside is world class. The Congnac leather in our test car was so supple and was just beautiful to look at and have surround you.

At a base price of $95,400 this is a great car. However, we tested a model that prices out at $101,650. We were given the "cold weather" and "executive" packages, which include such niceties and heated and cooled seats and heads up display.

The good news in this case: For this money, it actually is a very good and fun car. We could get used to being rich and driving a new 650i convertible.

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