2016 Jaguar F-Type S new car reviews

We've driven the new Jaguar F-Type before. But last time it was the "R Coupe." This version is the "S," which means a supercharged V6 takes the place of that roaring V8 and a convertible top allows for open-air driving. On paper it's pretty obvious the "R Coupe" is going to be the higher performer, but how does little brother stack up?

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Tim Suddard Tim Suddard

I like the new F-Type S convertible. Although a bit pricier than a Boxster S, at $82,200 (base) this car is super sexy to look at and a lot of fun to drive. If this car goes down in value the way most Jaguars do, this will make a very attractive buy in a few years at the $30,000-40,000 price point.

The six speed manual was a nice touch for a car that would normally not see a manual transmission. The car was a fun to run through the gears and the 380 horsepower supercharged 3.0 liter V6 was very quick, if not stunningly fast. The interior was comfortable and as typical to Jaguar, world class in its execution. The optional “performance“ leather seats were both supportive and comfortable for long hauls.

The chassis on this car is taught with an effective limited slip differential. The car can be flung through corners easily, but you are reminded that this car weighs a great deal more than a Miata.

Overall, I think the F-type—and this one in particular—give Porsche a real run for their money in the high-end, high powered, real sports car market.

David S. Wallens David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

I have driven--and enjoyed these–-F-Types before, but this one featured something different. No, it wasn't the convertible top, it was the thingie located between the seats: a six-speed manual shifter. Under the dash Jaguar put not two but three pedals.

So, it's a grown-up MX-5? Not exactly. You can feel all that driveline mass with each depression of the clutch, where there’s really enough torque that four gears are probably enough. Whatever, those can be seen as minor complaints. Look at the big picture: Jaguar now offers a manual box in their two-seat sports car. Have we gone back in time?

Who’s really going to buy an F-Type with a manual box? Good question. Perhaps Jaguar now has a Corvette competitor on their hands.

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