2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Platinum new car reviews

Imagine getting 30 MPG in the city in a mid-size SUV. With Toyota's Highlander Hybrid, that's now possible. And here's the intriguing part: The fuel-sipping hybrid version costs just $1000 more than an identically-outfitted gas-only Highlander.

Note: The horsepower rating in the sidebar reflects that of the combined hybrid system. The manufacturer does not provide a combined number for torque, so that number simply reflects the capability of the gas engine.

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Tom Suddard Tom Suddard
Digital Experience Director

Toyota’s latest family-hauling appliance ticks a lot of boxes, like great fuel economy, lots of features, and decent looks. How’s it drive? Pretty darn well, though completely unremarkable during day-to-day use. Push it in a corner or mash the gas leaving a stoplight, though, and you’re transported to a magical land of beige torque steer and vagueness. Meh–it’s just a family SUV.

The interior was remarkably plush, but a lot of it seemed less like a well thought out space for a family, and more like a frantic box-checking fest to look good in an internet search. The air-conditioned seats didn’t really cool your back, only your legs. The back hatch rattled horribly whenever you were listening to music with a bass line. And for some reason the infotainment screen turns completely invisible if you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. Oh, and rear visibility isn’t great–but you saw that coming, right?

I was expecting more for $49,579, but I guess this is just the state of loaded SUVs nowadays. No thanks.

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