2017 Cadillac XT5 new car reviews

Cadillac has a new mid-sized SUV. We know, that’s probably not huge news here in our world. Here is the tidbit that might interest our people, though: The high-end Platinum models feature Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror system. Instead of relying upon old-fashioned glass and magic, this substitutes a camera and magic.

Specifically the setup uses an HD camera paired with a 1280x240-pixel display. The display is placed inside what looks like a standard review mirror housing.

More technology for the sake of technology? According to Cadillac, it provides a much wider field of view as well as improved low-light performance.

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David S. Wallens David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

No one warned me about the TV mirror before I got behind the wheel. At first, it’s a little odd. An eye doctor (or smart person) could better explain it, but it felt like my eyes expected one thing and got another. As a result, it seemed to take my eyes an extra second to focus.

Eventually it became second-nature and, wow, if this is the future, then maybe it’s not so bad. Yes, this setup involves extra computers and stuff—things that add weight and complexity. But this is a Cadillac, not a Miata. You’re supposed to find this kind of stuff in a Cadillac.

The view, as promised, is wider than a standard mirror. If a mirror is there as a safety feature, this this just seems to extend its range.

One drawback: Yes, you find yourself looking in the rearview mirror to see if your hat is on straight, etc., and always seem a little surprised to not see yourself. I couldn’t get that instinct to go away.

Tom Suddard Tom Suddard
Director of Marketing & Digital Assets

So, uh, the rearview mirror was just a TV connected to a camera on the back of the car. This was so weird, I didn't even notice the rest of this little SUV. I'm assuming it was totally competent. Mostly, I'm glad I never crashed, because I just stared at the magic mirror the entire time.

So, is it better than good ol' fashioned glass? Yes and no. It does provide a way wider field of view (and a switch underneath allowed it to revert to a standard mirror on command) but then again so does the mirror on any 20-year-old SUV. The TV mirror is harder to take a quick glance at, it seemed to be harder to focus on.

I see this as a great solution to a problem that modern cars created: give me a normal mirror and actual windows instead of a pillbox with cameras any day of the week. Yes, something something safety regulations something something consumer demand, but it's scary how hard modern cars are to see out of.

Ed Higginbotham Ed Higginbotham

I loved this crossover for one reason: the camera rear-view mirror. All it's missing is the target tracking feature in the IMSA Pratt & Miller Corvettes.

The rest of my colleagues will surely expound upon the pros and cons of this mirror, so I'll move on. It is awesome, though.

As with any new Cadillac, the interior and exterior finish is very good, so good that the price tag seems too small at $38,995. The V6 reportedly makes 310 horsepower which is a lot even for a crossover weighing in at about 4,000 pounds. It doesn't feel that powerful, though.

Cargo space is decent and the vehicle comes with a few methods to secure objects in the back, including an adjustable net and bars.

Ultimately, Cadillac's new crossover is targeted at those seeking comfort and a strong appearance along with some utility.

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Driven5 Dork
8/12/16 9:41 a.m.

I don't think it's technology for technology's sake, so much as it's trying to prove to federal regulators that there is no need for keeping the aerodynamic tragedies that are exterior mirrors.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
8/12/16 9:45 a.m.

That makes sense. Just like LeMans GT cars, will side-view mirrors one day be a thing of the past?

Tom Suddard
Tom Suddard Associate Editor
8/12/16 9:48 a.m.

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