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Even 70 Years Ago, SCCA Autocross Attracted People Faster Than You

Check out the top-five from this SCCA gymkhana held 70 years ago: Sam and Miles Collier, and Briggs Cunningham, too.

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Up to $13,000 up for Grabs in NASA Sim Racing

NASA has launched its own iRacing league as well–two leagues, in fact.

Next Generation of Honda Electrics to Be Powered by GM

The next Honda electric car you buy may very well have an engine produced by General Motors under the hood.

Your Projects: Living the Dream in a 1967 Ford Country Squire

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive 4500 miles in a 1967 Ford Country Squire that you just bought? User Ronald has you covered.

Your Projects: Re-Restoring a Supercharged, V8-Powered TR4A

It's not easy to admit your restoration needs a refresh, but that is exactly what user dherr has decided with his supercharged, Rover V8-powered Triupmph TR4A.

Built It at Home: Sheet Metal Brake

Wheelsmithy realized that sheet metal brakes cost way too much, so he decided to build his own.

SCCA eSports Super Tour: Virtual Racing, Actual #FunWithCars

As tracks have gone quiet from coast to coast, SCCA action went digital as the club hosted its first-ever SCCA eSports Super Tour on Saturday, March 28.

GRM Was There: SCCA Racing in a Virtual, Pants-Optional Environment

Our own JG Pasterjak was at the SCCA eSports Super Tour this past weekend, read what his experience was like.

Ultimate Track Car Challenge Rescheduled for July 31-August 2

HyperFest and our Ultimate Track Car Challenge have been reschedule for the July 31-August 2.

Your Projects: A Toyota-Powered Model A Hotrod!?

More than three years ago, maschinenbau unveiled a dream: a 2JZ-powered ’31 Model A pickup. Any progress since then? How about nearly 30 pages of build thread material.

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