Tonight on GRM LIVE!: ChillOut Systems

Excess body temperature is a prime factor in reduced human performance. And behind the wheel of a race or track car, you need to perform at your peak to be both fast and safe. There’s plenty of driver cooling systems out there, but tonight we’ll take a look at one of the ultimate solutions for low-hassle driver comfort. The ChillOut Systems Quantum Cooler is a “one box” setup that requires no ice or consumable resources. Just 12 volts of power sends you on your way to chill town.

Join us live with the developers of the product to talk about heat-based performance degradation and how they solved the problem. Tune in at 9pm eastern on the Grassroots Motorsports Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for Grassroots Motorsports Live! Presented by CRC Industries and share your comments and questions.

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dean1484 MegaDork
6/12/19 5:21 p.m.

You all realize it is game 7 of the Stanley Cup tonight?

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