Red Bull Global Rallycross and iRacing Team Up

iRacing and Red Bull Global Rallycross today announced a partnership that will bring official Red Bull GRC racing right to your computer through the eSport racing game.

iRacing says they expect this race mode to be available later this year. The initial launch will include four GRC tracks with five separate configurations, including our local venue: Daytona International Speedway. Races will even be held in the same heat format that you see in real life.

So which virtual dirt-slinger would you jump into, a Volkswagen Beetle or a Ford Fiesta RS?

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trucke SuperDork
10/16/17 4:18 p.m.

Will Core Autosport livery be an option choice?

Core Autosport

HapDL New Reader
10/16/17 6:42 p.m.

People have a hard enough time on iRacing's asphalt series not bashing the crap out of each other.  On their dirt racing stuff it's just hideous.  Expecting any improvement with a combination of dirt and asphalt is really stretching the limits of credulity.

Maniac0301 Reader
10/16/17 7:40 p.m.

Bashing and punting is pretty limited in iRacing when compared to other public online racing venues they do a lot to mitigate it.  Often I see the same stuff happening in the real life races so.... The only real difference is sometimes its you who get popped. 

I do wonder about the Safety Rating systems since Rallycross has contact between drivers as allowed within its rules.  I hope iracing allows similar but also has the physics down pat where a small bump doesn't send you careening off the track.

I'm looking forward to it and will buy into all the content available as soon as it gets released.  While the VWs are super strong I'm a Fiesta guy all the way.

TAParker Reader
10/17/17 11:23 a.m.


Maniac0301 Reader
10/18/17 2:42 p.m.


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