Wednesday, March 25: GRM Live From Quarantine With Heyward Wagner!

Due to the quickly changing conditions in the motorsports world and, of course, the necessity of social distancing, we’ll be doing something a little different:

We’ll be chatting live from our respective isolation hideouts with Heyward Wagner, Senior Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs at the SCCA, discussing the future of the scene as we move forward through virus-related shutdowns and the eventual return to normalcy.

Of course, all sanctioning bodies are still reacting in real time to rapidly evolving guidelines right now, and there’s no way for us to know what the future holds.

But we can take your questions and make predictions based on what we know now, which is that everyone is working as hard as they can to make sure that there’s something great for everyone to return to on the other side of this pandemic.

So please, join us (but not too closely) at 9 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, March 25, for a special quarantine edition of GRM Live! Tune in to via YouTube or Facebook

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David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
3/25/20 2:14 p.m.

Just a bump for the late-afternoon crowd. 

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
3/26/20 8:15 p.m.

And you can watch it here:


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