Apr 4, 2001 update to the Volvo 122s project car

Clean, prime, prep

With the engine out, it's the perfect time to respray the engine compartment. Although it looks white in this photo...it's actually a very pale blue.
Here's a shot of the rebuilt master cylinder. It's actually a dual circuit unit from a 1968 P1800.
If you look at the exhaust lobe for #1 (closest to the threaded end), you'll see that this cam is pretty well toasted. The other lobes are also worn and pitted.
Shot-peened rod
Just like Christmas morning
A direct fit for the 122's rusty crossmember.

With the engine out and sitting in the “hot tank” at Ron Brother’s shop, it’s the perfect time to clean, prime and respray the engine compartment. We chose to repaint it the original light blue color. Racy, it’s not..but it looks very “period”.

Here are some shots of the engine compartment and “new” master cylinder that was rebuilt using a NOS Volvo rebuild kit.

While the master cylinder was out, we took the opportunity to install stainless braided brake lines from IPD. Several hard brake lines were corroded beyond belief and were replaced with new ones.

In the engine, our cam was badly worn, among other problems.

Ron sent the connecting rods out and had them shot-peened. This process strengthens the rod by compressing the outer surface of the material, making it denser and less prone to cracking.

And we got a big shipment of parts from IPD. Included are .040” over Mahle Pistons, a heavy duty oil pump, an ISKY/IPD VV71 cam and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Foreign Autotech makes replacement sheetmetal panels and pieces for the P1800. We got a piece to fix our rusty crossmember.

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Teh E36 M3
Teh E36 M3 SuperDork
11/12/14 5:51 p.m.

We miss you, Per!

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