Aug 28, 2001 update to the Volvo 122s project car

Real car

We’ve been working on making the 122s more of a “real car”. By this we mean fixing little problems that make it less than enjoyable to putter around in. For example, both door locks were inoperable due to an error on reassembly, so the door panels (new high quality reproductions found on ebay) were removed and the problem was fixed. While we were inside the door, we cut our knuckles, bruised an elbow and also re-aligned the window tracks so that the windows go up and down in altogether more pleasing way. It’s little details like this that make an old project car feel “right” instead of just thrown together for a photoshoot.

Our new rear axle with disc brakes required a different emergency brake cable, so a new one was procured (also through ebay) which has the proper fittings for a 1800ES rear axle. Again, this is another small detail which brings the car together as a whole.

A new header arrived from Sweden via Vintage Performance Developments. It’s a very slick Tri-Y design, with properly-sized tubing diameters and a sturdy construction. Priced in the same ballpark as the header from IPD, it also doesn’t have any real protective or heat resistant coating. It is going to get a thermal coating before it is installed, hopefully reducing the header’s tendency to bake our suspension bushings and to help keep the rest of the engine compartment from cooking. It is also claimed to give better horsepower figures than the IPD 4-1 design. We’ll find out!

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