Feb 9, 2016 update to the Ford F-350 Ramp Truck project car

New Tank for the Ramp Truck

Our old gas tank was junk. We could live with the dents, but not the rust.
No problem. NPD had one in stick for just a couple hundred dollars and it fit perfectly.

With a new driveshaft in place we could repair the rest of the damage on our ramp truck. Next we addressed the fuel tank. Initially we had thought the damaged driveshaft had hit the tank, but in fact, it had only damaged the sending unit.

As we had no fuel gauge (due to a bad sending unit and corrosion on the printed circuitry on the back of the gauge pod) the decision was easy to just replace the sending unit. With the tank out, we realized it was leaking from rust holes and had already been poorly patched. It was time for a new tank.

Fortunately, NPD had them both in stock, and what seemed like a nearly insurmountable problem was fixed in less than a day with about $400 worth of parts.

As for the exhaust, we’re not sure exactly what our plans are going to be. So we banged and bent the original single exhaust around to get it working again so we could at least drive the truck.

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