Saab Details and Progress Report

Last night we worked on a bunch of little details for the Saab project.

We put strips of Lamin-X film on the wear areas of the roll cage to protect it from chips.

We started analyzing where we want to put this BSCI roll bar padding. It has a dual density design, with a soft outer sleeve and a FIA approved inner core.

We were looking at the spark plug wires and really didn’t like how they got so close to the exhaust manifold. A quartet of Protect-A-Boots from DEI put our mind at ease.

And we finally mounted our first aid kit that we got from SafeDrives. It’s on the area where the rear seat used to be.

Here’s where our checklist stands as of 12/20/07

1) Car and Safety Gear Work a) mount our two Racetech FIA approved seats b) mount two sets of Schroth harnesses (eyebolts are there, waiting to mount seats) c) mount Schroth window nets (just in case a window breaks) d) mount intercom system (should be here this week) e) install new rear view mirror (should be here this week) f) mount kill switch g) cut and mount UMHW sheeting on underside of floor pan.
h) apply vinyl stripes, white square for numbers, decals, etc.

2) Drivetrain a) R&R engine/transmission to install Gripper LSD, using newer 5-speed transmission, header, etc. (may wait until after Sandblast)

3) Paperwork a) All done!

4) Shakedown a) attend TSD/Rallycross events before Sandblast

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