Nov 22, 2006 update to the AMC Eagle project car

Bird guts

My what lovely teeth you have!
Yummy Bird Guts!
Really cool, almost CVT looking chain for T-case

Well, for quite a while now the Mighty Eagle has been “resting” as other real life-type obligations have been higher on the priority scale. Before we dig deeper into the big bird’s entrails, we thought these pictures may amuse.

This is what happens when you drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle with different diameter tires on the front, and rear axles. This problem was compounded by the T-Case not being fully disengaged. The previous owner had removed AMC’s vacuum assisted 4wd switching system to simplify things. Unfortunately, we hadn’t manually moved the tab on the case as far as it need to go to disengage the 4wd, and bad, bad crunching noises ensued once under way! Ahhh, and then the transfer case housing split, and guts spewed out all over the ground.

As you can see in the images, the Eagle’s all wheel drive system uses an interlocking chain design which is lubricated by a honey like oil. It is really a fascinating design, and really cool to check out, although it works better when actually connected to the car. Soon these problems will be rectified as there is a new (used) T-Case waiting in the wings. Before long, the glorious raptor will once again be searching for prey!

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