May 22, 2006 update to the AMC Eagle project car

Dirty Bird

Typical Colorado Fade
Cleaner and Meaner!
Getting a bit dirty at last
Bring it on, WRX
We don’t need no stinkin pavement

A little more work on the driver, and we just may be able to nip at the heels of those fancy WRXs!

Colorado is a great place for cars. Even though there is a ton of snowfall (especially in Steamboat, our Eagles previous home) salt isn’t used to clear the roads, saving our machines from rust. The dry climate, high altitude, and intense sun have a habit of fading paint though, and our Eagle had the traditional Colorado fade. This would not bode well in the salty Florida air as there was exposed rust.

Although a concours quality paint job would be understandable on such an aesthetically pleasing machine we decided that some flat black Rustoleum primer and paint would suffice. A little time spent sanding, and smoothing, and the surface was ready. The hood took the paint well, and now looks a little less weather-worn, and a little angrier!

Soon after its mild cosmetic makeover we installed a fuel pressure regulator, as the AMC pump puts out close to 7 psi and our new carb wants closer to 4 psi. Now the Eagle was ready for its East Coast competition debut, with a Rally-Cross event held in nearby DeLand, Fla..

The event went well, with the 22 year old beast surprising more than a few folks, and bringing a smile to just about everyone who saw it pounding the dirt. We finished last amongst the 4wd cars, but not too far back. A little more work on the driver, and we just may be able to nip at the heels of those fancy WRXs! Next on our list is the Rally-Cross in Starke, Fla. Stay tuned!

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