Jul 16, 2005 update to the Toyota MR2 project car

A Little Bodywork for the MR2

It’s been a while since the MR2 Project has been seen in all its glory, so here’s some new photos. Most recently we spent a few hours straightening a little boof in the rear bumper that was bugging us more and more every day. All it really involved was removing the bumper and bumper cover and straightening some bracketry that looks like it got tagged either in a previous accident or in a parking lot scuffle. Oddly enough, whoever painted it just shot right over it and didn’t bother even inspecting what was wrong. If they had, they would have realized it was easy to fix, but we have a feeling that the paint job was more of a “shoot-n-scoot” operation.

Unfortunately, we did find some rust in the bottom of the trunk when we took all of the carpet out. Not much, but enough to warrant doing something about before it gets any worse. Hey Per, got any POR-15 left…?

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sethmeister4 Dork
7/12/11 9:14 p.m.

Is this thing still around or did you guys sell it?

Matt Smith
Matt Smith New Reader
7/13/11 8:17 a.m.

JG still has his MR2. Unfortunately, it is rarely driven these days. To be fair, it competes with a lot of other cool cars and toys for attention. It's unlikely the MR2 will be making an appearance on the site any longer, but around here...you never know.

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