It’s Alive!

A new fuel pump from Autozone gets us going.
An intake kit from AEM takes care of our filtering needs.
The engine chugs to life after some fiddling.

We finally got the Neon running this weekend—for the first time in our ownership of the car. Though we had installed the engine and hooked it up electrically, we couldn’t get the car to start. We checked for fuel pressure at the injector rail and found none. After some headscratching, we removed the fuel pump from the tank. Aside from the smell of varnish—the car hadn’t run in two years—we also noticed that the pump would not work, even with power directly applied to it.

We sourced a new pump from Autozone and threw in a new filter as well. After some more cranking, the car chugged to life. We buttoned down the details like the AEM intake system and took it for a test drive. Aside from some alignment issues, the car appears to be quite strong. That’s good to know, as it’s scheduled to go to the Rallycross National Championships in two weeks.

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