Our workhorse Subaru easily hauled the Neon parts.

Tom and Per spent Saturday at several junkyards in the central Florida area. We heard rumors that there was a Nitro Yellow Green Neon at the LKQ in Orlando, but that turned out to be false. We did, however, get a good front bumper cover as well as just about everything we need to convert the car to a manual transmission.

And here’s a look at our budget thus far. Although we’re not explicitly planning on having this car meet the $2008 Challenge budget, we’re not explicitly not planning on it, either. In other words, “Let’s see how this goes.”

  • 1995 Plymouth Neon: 100.00
  • Transmission: 59.99
  • Console cover: 4.99
  • Cables: 12.99
  • Axle shaft: 20.99
  • Starter: 16.99
  • Pedal assembly: 14.99
  • Bumper cover: 39.99
  • Computer ecm: 39.99

Total spent: $310.92

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