Lookin’ Good, Lookin’ Dirty

Scraping the damaged paint with a razor blade.
A shot from the TampaRally.Com rallycross.
The rear kicked out easily

The makeover is coming along for our Neon project car; we recently painted the hood and new front bumper. Before we covered it in mud and dirt at a local rallycross, we managed to have the car lookin’ pretty good.

We first scraped off the old, flaking paint with a razor blade. After a quick sand and prime, we used a Preval disposable airbrush to paint the base coat and clear coat.

At the TampaRally.Com rallycross the car was pretty good out on the two-and-a-half-minute long layout, but it didn’t have a lot of forward bite thanks to its nearly bald all-season tires.

Nor did it have a lot of rear bite, as the rear stepped out pretty easily on the gravel. That’s OK, that’s what makes Rallycross so much fun.

Shortly after we left the site, the battery died completely. We took it to a (thankfully) nearby auto parts store where it was tested at 46 cranking amps–considerably less than the 650 the battery had when we bought it new. Our guess is that heat and vibration shorted out the battery’s internals. Whatever it was, we’re out another 80-something bucks.

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